Bristol Area Library
Membership Dues
Per visit, members may sign out
  • 8 books (max of 2 7-day books)
Overdue Fees
  • $0.25/day for 7-day books
  • $0.25/day for DVDs and VHS
  • $0.10/day for Audio Books
  • $0.10/day for Adult books
  • $0.05/day for Childern books
Printing and Copying
  • Photocopies $0.25/sheet.
  • Computer print outs cost $0.25/sheet.
Computer Use

Wireless Internet access is available and free.

Computer use is 30 minutes per patron if there is someone waiting.

All Patrons must sign a Computer Use Policy before using the computers. Minors must have a parent or legal guardian sign.

BAL is not responsible for the content of the Internet or policing Internet access.